11:32 PM Sunday, <March 26>, 2023
Next show Tracy and I are watching together? Station Eleven. Guess we have a type. Took care a small handful of tasks around the house. Sometimes it’s nice to mark some things off a todo list. One thing I’m super happy that I finally figured out: how to make the checkboxes appear on the client organizer our account has us fill out for taxes (and yes, I haven’t completed it yet). But go figure, I needed to install the Wingdings font (manually copied from a Windows machine to iCloud and then installed with iFont via a device profile. But instead of jumping through a bunch of hoops, saving or printing the pdf to pdf to get the checkboxes to be visible as I fill it out on my iPad, I just had to install a font. Jackson lost a tooth today. Feels like it’s been a while since he lost one. Not too much tooth fairy action going on here.