10:11 PM Saturday, <March 25>, 2023
After thinking I was on the tail end of whatever this is, it’s turned back into a dry cough. Not sure if I need to drink more water. But I’ll try. I do enjoy the lemon steam head baths. Quite nice. Would be nice to just be finally over it. Got Stan’s Donuts for breakfast this morning after dropping Lucy off at her last Stingrays swim practice. I’d forgotten how big they are. I think I’m fine with Dunkin and maybe Dip and Sip for the occasional changeup. Managed to pick the kids up from Northwinds SC tryouts without my wallet or house keys. Managed to get gas and snacks using Apple Pay on my watch. Had instant ramen for dinner. The heated liquid feels pretty good. Think I’ll do an egg drop soup tomorrow, or maybe that container of Dom’s Kitchen & Market that’s been in the fridge for a couple of weeks now.