10:40 PM Wednesday, <March 15>, 2023>
Went bouldering today after a short break. And yeah, paying attention to my footwork, and the feet tend to stay put more that I’m actively pressing more. Still can’t quite do most V4s, but I’m trying. Got the 2nd annual Irish Whiskey tasting coming up. Lined up the bottles today to make sure I’ve got enough, and I think I do. Just need to start buying ingredients for the foods. Slowly plugging along to The Last of Us. Hard finding time to site with Tracy in front of the TV at the same time. I’m plugging away at Orphan Black, and decided I needed something lighter to mix in, and started watching the third season of Mythic Quest. I also have Ghosts (US) in my currently watching section, I’m halfway through the 1st season I think, but a lot of it’s repeats for me since I did watch a lot while Tracy was watching it. Oh, moved HBO Max and TV up to the top row of the Apple TV interface, bumping Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video down. Besides those two, Netflix, Plex, and Hulu remain in the top row.