10:53 PM Thursday, <March 16>, 2023>
Went on the prowl for white pudding today. Didn’t find it. Got some good stuff at Dom’s Kitchen & Market. Wasn’t as busy today. Maybe because it was the start of March Madness? Or because the weather wasn’t nearly as nice as the last time I was there? Or maybe I was just early enough to avoid the lunch rush? Any way, I was able to park in the parking lot. But no white pudding. Tried Whole Foods, nothing there either. Tried Paulina Market, some blood sausage, but no white pudding. Did get some Irish bangers though. Will have to try Gene's Sausage Shop & Delicatessen tomorrow. Fingers crossed they’ll have some. Since I don’t have cable TV service, I couldn’t use the NCAA app to watch March Madness, so I signed up for YouTube TV, and that worked like a charm. Will probably cancel after my 2 week free trial, but now I know that’s what I should use. Wouldn’t mind a daily pass or a weekly pass even, so I could get the Super Bowl or the Oscars, or any other live event that I’d want to watch. But nice to know the option is only a couple click’s away.