10:10 PM Tuesday, <March 14>, <2023
Went ahead and did indoor bike trainer again today since we went to Jackson’s Living Wax Museum at Blaine. Pretty impressive. I feel bad I didn’t go to Lucy’s. Guessing I was going to the office at the time. Just took a detour and tried seeing if I mentioned Lucy’s Wax Museum project in the Memex, and couldn’t find one, but did read over March 2019, and wow, did I eat a lot back then. Full breakfast, lunch, and dinners. And I wasn’t really exercising back then either. Had some HomeKit issues this morning, eventually resolved by rebooting access points and home hubs. Very annoying though. Nice and stable for a pretty long time, and then, right off a cliff. Realized I need to start conditioning my hair on a regular basis. It’s long enough.