7:35 PM Monday, <March 13>, <2023>
Hopped on the bike trainer today, did my 20 min core workout and push-up workout. Tired now. Also did a quick walk to The UPS Store to do some iFixit returns since I did uBreakiFix for the iPhone 6S instead of trying to do it myself. Had a visit from Corey from Sapient Home to check out any upgrades or changes required, and I guess a couple of things are no longer supported, but they’re letting me slide without upgrading because I’m savvy enough to troubleshoot or find workarounds if necessary. But things like the video switch and streaming audio source hardware is end of lifed, so when they die, no replacements. Also just realized our TVs are all 4K (although from 2015), which makes the system change a little more palatable since new TVs aren’t required. Interesting.