9:53 PM Sunday, <March 12>, <2023
Went to Itoko for family dinner tonight. Drove down, because it was cold and drizzly, and we’re lazy. Got seated upstairs. Stairs themselves had a very short rise, or at least felt that way. Wonder if that was a Japanese style rise. Upstairs was nice and airy. Also noticed a couple other families with younger children than ours seated. Recommended to get 3 small plates per person. I went with an Ume Boy Traveller cocktail to start (ume and whiskey highball), while Tracy went with a Yuzu Dropoff I think (yuzu and gin). Kids got melon Ramunes. Started off with edamame. Ordered up a bunch of stuff, I think my nigiri pieces came out early, all very high quality, and quite tasty. The Waygu Tataki came out early too, and it was very tasty, heavy on the wasabi in the sauce. The beef just fell apart. Tracy got the XO Scallop hand roll (liked it so much she got it again) as well has half a King Crab hand roll (also very good but very expensive for quantity). Kids avocado and unagi cucumber makis were good size and good as well (they liked it so much they got another round at the end). We got an A5 Beef Maki, where Lucy and Tracy got the A5 Beef on the outside, and I got the salmon cucumber maki that was leftover. Still really good. Kids got ramen (good, but have had better). We also got the robata slider (like sausage in a bao bun) which I liked. The gyoza (filled with foie gras and pork) were quite tasty, some lattice of melted something on it. Good, but not amazing like expected. For dessert the kids got the brown sugar boba taiyakis off the kids menu and Tracy and I split the match semifreddo with donut and chocolate ganache. I thought Tracy would like it more because it wasn’t on the super sweet side, but still very good. Overall I really liked it. High quality at high prices. Definitely only a special occasion place going forward.