7:47 PM Thursday, <March 9>, <2023>
Had my annual well visit (aka yearly physical) at One Medical. Funny, when I asked if there’s been any differences or changes after getting bought by Amazon, she just said they weren’t going to be a drop off point. Could have been handy. Anyway, I’m at the age when I got my first colonoscopy referral. So that’ll be fun. Otherwise, everything checked out. Labwork won’t get done until June, closer to my nephrology appointment. Just reminds me I need to get back on my exercise schedule again. I’ve been off it for a couple weeks now. Next week I’ll start it up again. Promise. Helping Jackson with his Living Wax Museum project, mostly with creative design, but I’m probably going to have to do some more work with him this weekend on it. Hopefully it comes together as planned. Also, old iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are back in fighting condition. Guess that means I could really get back into Pokemon GO if I wanted to, although my interest is waning again.