10:36 PM Friday, <March 10>, <2023>
Did the pickup/dropoff shuffle with the kids practices today. Drive up to drop Jackson off at soccer at Chicago Futsal Academy, then drive back home, get 15 minutes, then drop Lucy off at swim practice at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness, then drive all the way back up to pick Jackson up, and then home for an hour and forty-five minutes, before driving back down to pick up Lucy. And I didn’t have any podcasts to listen to, so my car music lately has been other country’s hip-hop playlists in Apple Music. Today it was Russian. Next up want to try some Ukranian. Don’t just have French, but Paris and Marseilles lists. Italian’s fun too. Indian’s a trip. Finished off Lost in Space (2018) . I thoroughly enjoyed it. Started Orphan Black up again, but then ventured off to try The Last of Us, mainly because I have a podcast in my feed with spoilers for the first four episodes that I want to clear out. First impression through the first half or so? It’s depressing. Not sure I can take an apocalyptic show right now.