8:15 PM Wednesday, <March 8>, <2023>
Was down between Belmont and Diversey on Halsted today, and there’s just so much to shop, eat or drink. I had an appointment at uBreakiFix]] for the old iPhone 6S Plus, and prices weren’t too bad for a battery replacement, and also for the iPhone 6S screen and battery replacement, so I went ahead and left those there to get fixed. Then checked out Binny’s, cause it was close. Would have eaten at 2d Restaurant]], but they were closed on Monday. Figured I was close enough to finally check out Dom’s Kitchen & Market (I had time to kill before picking up my parents). That place is pretty cool. They had napoleons as a pastry to just get. So I had to get one. Then went down to Fullerton to come back up and stopped by Mochinut and got some donuts and boba tea. All really good places, all in a little over an hour.