8:54 PM Wednesday, <January 25>, 2023
Completely lost my home network configuration. Forgot why I went into the data center, and noticed my UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus was blinking white. I couldn’t connect via the apps or the website to the Network app on the controller, although the Protect App was up. Reboots didn’t seem to work. Found out how to boot to recovery mode. Disk check was fine. Tried booting without a hard drive, but that didn’t work. Found another spare 2.5” drive and it booted right up. However, it didn’t see any of the network devices. I have a feeling something was tied to the HD identifier or something, so I ended up doing a factory reset. And the backups I though I was doing? I think it was just on device, in the network app itself. I wonder if it’s still available somewhere on the HD, assuming it’s still good. I’ll need to see if that’s a better option. Otherwise, I factory reset and adopted all the UniFi devices so at least the family could get back online. And now I have to try and remember all the settings, dhcp reservations, port forwards and everything. I’m guessing I won’t remember all of it. Might be a little screwed.