9:52 PM Thursday, <January 26>, 2023>
You know what I’d like? Some sort of way to compare regional pricing on whiskey. I’d love to know if any of the places I might be traveling to will have better allocations or pricing on whiskey that’s just way too expensive here in Chicago. Like where can I find Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon for under $100 near Chicago? How long do I have to wait for the bourbon bubble to burst? Or how long do I have to wait for the effects of the Buffalo Trace Distillery Expansion to reach me? Another 10 years from now? That’s when I’ll be able to get Eagel Rare for MSRP? Ugh, Alcohol purchasing is so weird now that I know a little about it. Got a bottle of Kikori Whiskey today to make some Bunny Money Rabbit Lunar New Year cocktails. Got to get a bunch of different juices to make that one though. By itself, the Kikori is pretty good. For some reason I’ve had a hankering for grapes. The green seedless ones I’ve been getting from Jewel have been super firm and crisp. They’re really nice. Still working through rebuilding my home network. Most of it seems to be working enough that I’m not pressed to fix the rest.