10:17 PM Tuesday, <January 24>, 2023>
Used to be the only way to get Magic Trackpad 2 abilities on Windows was to use Magic Trackpad Utilities. But found out today, when swapping out a PC keyboard and mouse for a Magic Keyboard and Trackpad, that there’s a new option available that turns it into a Windows Precision Trackpad. So that’s pretty cool. Don’t remember how long it’s been since I last checked on the possible options for it, but still cool that there’s new options available. Hari’s getting long enough to have to put conditioner in. Jackson’s definitely following in the Abando footsteps: in his basketball game yesterday Coach Matt was giving him defensive assignments (of the best player on the other team). So that’s pretty cool. Wonder if Jackson will keep playing though. Started up the 20 minutes Apple Fitness+ core workouts. The first couple of workouts don’t seem that hard. Wondering if they’re going to ramp up. And there’s definitely not as many, so not sure what I’m going to do after I complete them all. Got another heart rate monitor to help track cycling workouts. Impressive that it pairs so easily without any on/off/pair buttons to worry about. It’s like how these accessories should be.