4:50 PM Monday, <January 23>, 2023
Decided to stop listening to and supporting via Patreon the Do By Friday podcast. Just got a little too annoying, and figured I’m not gaining much by listening. So I’m really just now down to Daring Fireball, Reconcilable Differences, Accidental Tech Podcast, Upgrade+ and Top Four. That’s not many at all. Since I don’t commute by public transportation for the last couple of years, my listening definitely dropped. I think that’s when I stopped all The Ringer podcasts, and also when they went behind the Spotify appwall (I only use Overcast to listen). So now I’m only really listening while walking to and from Movement Wrigleyville, any other walks in the neighborhood, or in car rides after dropping kids off at practices or before picking them up. Also, had some issues with my Meross smart devices dropping off the network and being unresponsive in HomeKit. Frustrating. Once Matter devices come out I wonder how many I’ve going to buy as replacements for existing devices.