2:31 PM Monday, <August 5>, <2019
So 21 years ago I supposedly wrote my first blog post here on Daily Dose. My blog is now old enough to drink. I've seen things come and go, internet fads rise and fall. And I just have to remember that time continues to flow. All things pass. I was around before Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, and fingers crossed, be around well after those are gone. But I had an annual reminder to post on this blog's birthday, so at least I should have 1 post a year. On to news in my world. Dropped off Lucy at sleepaway Girl Scouts camp yesterday. Weird. Growing up so fast. Had to take Jackson to get cavities filled today at the dentist. Took 30 minutes longer than scheduled because it took a bit to get him in the chair, along with a bunch of bribes. So visiting a toy store later today. Got to pick up my replacement products from Apple Lincoln Park by Wednesday. Parents are back, so I can start heading in to the office again.