10:19 PM Wednesday, <July 31>, <2019>
Hard to believe summer's half over, pretty much. Kids have been enjoying Blaine Summer Camp. Got to do a beach day last weekend, first one of the year. Lots of swimming at the pool at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness. Jackson likes to go while Lucy's got practice. And then we tend to get dinner. Lots of swimming. Heading there tomorrow actually. Last night went to Savor at Sunset with some Blaine parent friends while their kids came to the house for a single babysitter. Good times. Good food. And they all came back since it didn't go too late for more drinks and s'mores at the fire table. Do have to get better at building and maintaining the fire. Better venting maybe? Also should probably get a handsaw to cut the firewood down to a better size for the fire table. Moved seats at work. That's new. Otherwise, things still chugging along there. The continuing integration to Numerator is pretty cool to see. Lots of good stuff. Tomorrow have a couple Apple Service Appointments (I don't think they're called Genius Bar Appointments anymore). I managed to put a crack in my (iPad Pro 11-inch) display. I'm actually impressed that it's relatively hard to tell it has a crack, as you can't tell if looking at it head on. But figured I should get it replaced before it gets worse. I keep flipping from using it with the Brydge Pro to just the Apple Smart Folio instead. It's so thin when I just use it as a tablet. And then last night I managed to drop my Apple Watch on the bathroom floor. Popped the screen off. Screen didn't break, just popped off the watch. So hopefully will get that replaced. Realized today that I could have been wearing a Series 0, because not having a watch on has been pretty weird.