6:51 PM Wednesday, <February 27>, <2019
So while on the boat tour that first full day in Coron, it's like mid afternoon, and finally Jackson said he'll go into the water. It's one of those lakes, I forget which one, and we're anchored far from the entrance, so we'd have to get in, then tow Jackson over (while we're all in our life vests). It'd be the first time that I got in the water. So I jump in, start swimming on my back, pulling Jackson in his life vest, and I suddenly notice, my Apple Watch is gone. I give Jackson to Tracy to keep heading to the lake with the kids, and I go back to the boat. Because a couple on the boat that got stuck on this tour were free divers. Had the huge flippers and everything. So I get on, ask if they might be able to help find my watch that dropped somewhere close to the boat. I was hoping they'd be interested, because they hadn't really done much on this trip, because they got stuck on because the tour they wanted to go on probably got shut down because the coast guard shut down some of the islands and tours because it was too windy. So they hadn't really been going out on any of the snorkeling or lakes because I think they've already done it. I'm happy because they agree. Turns out, the boat next door had scuba gear, and the guy had been with them before, so they borrowed a tank and the couple went down. I was on board the boat just watching. 15-20 minutes later, they come up holding my watch. Absolutely amazing. I offered a finder's fee, but no takers. Amazing. So thanks, to whoever you two are, and hope you got in some good dives later that week. Although, I wouldn't have minded having to get a new Apple Watch, but still, thanks.