10:37 PM Friday, <February 22>, <2019
So back for my Dad's 75th birthday, my mom surprised him with almost all of his family on a trip to Disney World. This year is my mom's 75th trip around the sun, so we wanted to do something for her. She goes home to the Philippines every year to visit her sister and nephews and niece and other relatives. So, my dad, my brother and his family, me and mine, surprised her by being there. She loved it. She loved having her grandkids there, because she always wanted to take them. That's why I got passports renewed last fall. And turns out planning and organizing a surprise halfway around the world is hard, but all the hard work was done by Auntie Agnes, and cousins Jay, JP, and Jenny (and Thom). We actually made flight arrangements before my mom made hers, so we ended up being in the Philippines before she got there, and my family was staying an extra week, so she was flying back before we got back. Too much to change her ticket, so she'll have to go back to spend more time with her family soon. But yeah, Tracy, Lucy, Jackson and I made it to the Philippines and back. Took Cathay Pacific, went through Hong Kong (16 hour flight). Kids did surprisingly well. Took a couple days for jet lag to wear off. I think the melatonin helped. Stayed in Bonafacio Global City, which is I guess the new Makati. Mostly new for me, since the last time I went was in 2000. But we did get to visit the Flores Compound, which is where I always stayed when I went before, and it was like I remembered it. I kinda wish we had stayed there so my family could experience what I had on my trips before. But great seeing Auntie Agnes and cousins, and they were so helpful driving us all around through Manila traffic, out to Hidden Valley for a day of swimming, to the fabulous Spiral buffet, to and from the airports, to various malls and kids activities. Al and family only stayed a little longer than a week, Dad went down to Davao, and we went to Coron for 5 days. It was pretty cool. And coming back was fairly straightforward, jet lag again took about 3 days to get over, and once again I think melatonin helped. But it was a good trip. But makes me determined to learn tagalog, because people would see us and start speaking to us, and we'd have to apologize and ask for English. Definitely wasn't keto for the trip. We'd like to go back, but not sure when, have to save up, learn the language, and maybe over winter break for the kids because taking them out of school for 2 weeks is a bit much, especially when they get older. Worth it.