9:52 PM Thursday, <March 7>, <2019
So I'm like 4 weeks behind on my podcasts, so I'm trying to plow through those. Haven't decided yet if I want to declare podcast bankruptcy and start fresh. However, I would have missed the back and forth on the Bill Simmons Podcast with Ryen Russillo on the size of people's heads. I was close to laughing out loud on my way home on the L when I was heard it. It made me think if jokes about people's head sizes are always funny, or if they way they joked about it was funny. Because that bit in So I Married an Axe Murderer is hilarious. Anyway, it's also pretty interesting hearing about things, roughly 3-4 weeks in the past, as if it's news. But then again, I don't necessarily have any breaking news sources. In Pokemon GO news, the kids accounts are at the same level as their previous accounts, although with much worse Pokemon. As soon as they hit level 30, we'll start worrying about filling out the stable. But I'm actually close to completing the Let's Go Meltan task on my old account, since I was stuck on the Kabuto and the Aerodactyl tasks, and those are current available research tasks. So that'll be nice. Oh, and since you can switch teams for 1000 coins, I'm tempted to switch my old account over. Of course by the time I get that many, we'll all hopefully be best friends and we'll have traded for all the good ones. Tried to take part in the Q1 Hack Days at work, digging into node.js for the first time. Finally have a beginner grasp of it. Tempted to put together this rickety old system in node.js, but not sure if I'll ever get around to it. Switched over to a Sports Loop on the Apple Watch. Also, coming up on a year since I broke my collarbone. Might be time to start biking to work again. I've forgotten all it entails, what to pack, how to pack, parking, showering at the gym, all of it. I should find out if my bike even still works.