11:58 PM Thursday, <December 14>, 2017
Fitting, on the day the FCC decided to repeal Net Neutrality, I got my AT&T Fiber up and running. I had the SCI guys come out on Monday for a regular tune up, see if they could fix a couple issues, install some new hardware, see if they wanted to handle getting AT&T Gigapower installed. Turns out I could go ahead, so I chatted and got an install scheduled for Tuesday. Tuesday comes around, and they run fiber to the home. All the way into my data closet. Although I get an IP and a gateway IP, I get no further. Also the corresponding digital voice service isn't working either. So I get a tech to come out today to check it out, and after swapping the router/gateway, and cables, and so on, gets put on hold with the backend, and they get it up and running eventually. Took them about 3 hours to get it up and running. And running it is. Couldn't swap it out until Tracy got off working tonight, but it's fast. And symmetrical. So we shouldn't notice any slowdowns, anywhere. Not quite getting the full 1Gpbs up/down, and not sure how much tweaking I need to do, but just going to enjoy it for a bit. Will downgrade the Comcast line to something basic as a failover, since we'll keep it for cable TV. Wonder how long I'll be able to enjoy this unfettered access to the entire net. Plex users should hopefully have no issues streaming anymore. Next best thing from the SCI visit was the Lutron Connect Bridge install. Means the whole house lighting got hooked up into HomeKit. Which means I can control lighting by voice. And can trigger other lights via switches (ex: the Christmas tree lights are on a Lutron lamp dimmer, which is controlled by a nearby keypad. HomeKit automation triggers when the Christmas tree lights go on/off and turns the front outdoor lights on/off via an iDevices Outdoor Switch, as well as a string light in the family room on a railing on another iDevices Switch). It's like an early Christmas. Got accepted into the Apple Heart Study. Picked up an iPhone 8 for Tracy yesterday on my way home from work, she was tired of the battery running low on her iPhone 6S.