12:56 PM Wednesday, <November 15>, 2017
I went ahead and upgraded to an iPhone X (I say X, not 10) and an Apple Watch 3 when the former showed up as available (thanks to the iStockNow notifications) last Saturday. It's pretty cool. Nice going to a smaller form factor, the OLED screen is amazing, FaceID is pretty cool, and it is faster. The more amazing speed increase is with the Apple Watch, going from the original to the Series 3 is like night and day. It actually immediately responds to input. Very much worth it. And so goes my early Christmas, Birthday, and any other gifting occasions for the near future. And a future upgrade, when it does become available, will be AT&T Gigapower. Working from home last week I saw some AT&T guys installing a big box and cables in the alley, and earlier this week I asked them what they were working on, and it's fiber. It's FIBER! That actually got me more excited than any other tech related thing. Someday soon, my guess 6 months, I'll have glorious 1Gbs up/down service. More excited about the symmetric speeds than I am about anything else. And for my Plex users, this will be great news. I won't have to throttle you. And if you want Plex access, let me know. Otherwise, I have the Miyata 610 set up as my winter bike (BarMitts and PowerGrips. If it ever does get warm again I might get to use the Raleigh Carbon Clubman to commute with. Finally replenished my sock supply, so should be good for like another 3 years. I moved away from Google Inbox back to Apple Mail on iOS and macOS. Finished off Stranger Things 2. For some reason started up How I Met Your Mother again. Kids have been watching Superstore. Jackson turns 4 tomorrow. Been to a few kids birthday parties, Jackson has his on Saturday, Friendsgiving is Sunday, hosting Thanksgiving next week. Going to be a little crazy.