12:22 PM Friday, <October 27>, 2017>
I gave in a got the Raleigh Carbon Clubman. It was like 35% off, so I had to grab it. Haven't actually started riding it, just a couple times. It's definitely different from the Miyata 610. I might be partial to the old school 80's style of bikes though. Not sure how I'm going to do the bike rotation. Problem is no rack on the Raleigh, so no panniers. Which means I go back to the handlebar bag and saddlebags, which means less clothes, no laptop. And because of showering at the gym, not sure how I'm going to do the shoes. Ended up selling my 1 BTC to finance, made enough profit, but of course, the current exchange rate keeps climbing. Didn't order up an iPhone X. Tempted. I was going to just try it and see if I got a delivery on Nov 3, but I ended up sleeping though the opening of orders. Not sure if I'm going to or not. Maybe for my birthday next year? I did stick one in my cart, and put a new watch in too. That's a lot of money. Otherwise, Halloween coming up. Going as Master Wu from Ninjago, since the kids are going as Kai/Jay. Hopefully it turns out alright. Got to see if I can lego mine up (it's mostly just a real human costume). Seems like we've been doing a bunch playdates and birthday parties for the kids. nuke and paved my work iMac, took me a while to figure out how to get screen brightness and display extending to work (for a 2010 27" iMac, change the disable driver from the ATI 5750 to the ATI Radeon 5800 M). Also updated all the various Windows 10 to the Fall Creators Update.