11:43 AM Wednesday, <November 16>, <2005>
Back from Panama City Beach, which is where we actually were. Good time. It was a couples vacation, 3 couples, Lisa and Ryan, April and Scott, Tracy and Eric. Good times. The only problem, I don't exactly remember what we did when, but I'll try anyway. No problems getting in on Thursday, flights were on time, tiny airport at Panama City, easy getting to the condo. Nice place. Oh, and I rented us a minivan, which was white, but was a little SUVish, a Chevy Uplander. It had a DVD player for the kids in the backseat, which never got used. Got to drive around and do some recon before anyway else pulled in, got some blue crabs for dinner, which was great. Finally tried out Steel Reserve, good stuff, somehow ended up in a pool later that night. Friday, not sure, but picked up April and Scott from the airport. I think there was beach time, and ended up at Hooters for dinner. Ended up being a pretty quiet night. Saturday was some indoor time, got some breakfast I think, or maybe that was Sunday, but tried to head out to Seaside, where they supposedly filmed The Truman Show, but ended up in Destin and had dinner and some drinks out there before heading back and trying to go clubbing at Spinnaker after playing some Mallet's Mallet. The club ended up being a bit of a bust. Sunday, a nice lazy day, watching Meet the Fockers, Napoleon Dynamite later that night after watching the sunset with wine, dinner at a Brazilian churrascaria and ice cream for dessert. Monday brought April and Scott out to the airport, finally made it to Seaside, walked around a bit, lunched at Cafe Spiaggia, then did some shopping at the factory outlets in Destin. Ryan made a quick little meal out of crab for us, and we settled in for a night of Hoopla, a Cranium variant. Good times. Tuesday spent a little time at the beach, finally made it into the water, tiring, played catch with a plastic bowl top, and started the long trip home. Got delayed overall about an hour. Got to sleep in pretty much every day, which was good, since I needed that. Got a little sun. Definitely got to relax. My first couples vacation turned out pretty good. Only thing, a spring break town in November pretty much shuts down. Bunch of places were closed for the season (like Papa John's) and there was a ton of new construction for condos and such. Not much in the way of radio stations. Also was a designated driver for pretty much the entire trip. But good. Probably going to be going on couples vacations in the future. But, back to the grind. Dogsitting Marla this weekend. And that's about it for the plans.