10:18 AM Thursday, <November 17>, <2005>
Well, specifically, not picked up. Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential. Two really good shows. I wonder why I never watched AD before this year. It's really good. As for Kitchen, I hope it moves to the Food Network. It would be like Tilt being on ESPN. But besides that, not much. Picked up some Toaster Strudel for breakfast while looking for canned crab meat at Treasure Island. Finally got my Funyuns along with PBJ and chicken soup for dinner. Good, wholesome, wintery night meal. I got the craving since I walked home through a flurry. Oh, I forgot to mention that it's really cold out. Feels like winter. And the sucky part? It's not really winter. It's not below 0 yet. It's just the start. Also, just realized that Wicked must have extended it's run, since I thought it was ending around Thanksgiving but now runs through April 30. So I got Tracy tickets for her birthday, of course, they aren't until February 2, but still. Buying tickets 3 months in advance is a whole lot cheaper than the alternative. Even through Ticketmaster. Headed out with the boys tonight, maybe Duke of Perth, maybe a movie, we'll see.