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10:24 AM Monday, May 2, 2005
Weekend just wasn't long enough. At least there's a 3 day weekend sometime in my future. Not soon enough. Friday night Tiger Launch was interesting. Long line. Dinner at Johnny Rockets and watched xXx - State of the Union before finally walking in and hanging out in the Apple Store. Apple's HD Gallery makes it really tempting to upgrade to a G5 or better, since my current desktop only gets 12fps on 720p material. Disappointing. But a nice new dual 2.7 G5 with 23" display? That'd rock. Saturday nice and quiet, starting to watch 2nd season of Dark Angel. That and Alias, so similar, strong female main character who kicks ass, sort of a genetic chosen one aspect, secret organizations over generations. It's good. Sunday made it out to Piece for dinner with Bryan and Russell and the Blanchet-Ruths, and then a quick jet downtown to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Looks like a nice quiet Monday night. I did manage to go swimming this morning, first time back since, well, I think, middle of March. Wow. I'm gonna try and get back on the exercise horse. Tough though.
12:17 PM Tuesday, May 3, 2005
Exercise does a body good. Running this morning. Dark Angel and a Gyro Special last night for dinner. Headed out to see Tracy tonight. Otherwise, holding pattern for any plans I have. Thought about trying track workouts again, when the weather's nicer. My copy of Tiger finally shipped. Getting itchy for a big purchase, or something. Must be spring. I think this is the season I really start wanting to spend some money.
1:30 PM Wednesday, May 4, 2005
Would you believe it? I chose swimming. Who am I? Sleepy, that's who I am. Saw A Lot Like Love with Tracy last night after dinner at Bennigan's. Ordered way too much food. Traffic was really light heading down there from Evanston. Making dinner for her tonight. Created even more space for HD recordings. Who knew commercials take up so much space? Oh, and I'd like to thank whoever bought Dark Angel Season 1 through my Amazon Associate's link. I guess that makes me a professional blogger now? Ha. Beach starts up tomorrow. Hmmmm. My copy of Tiger is in the city. Now I just have to get to it somehow. Or, it has to get to me somehow. And my ankle's bugging me again. 9 months later. Wow. Maybe I really did do something bad to it.
3:38 PM Thursday, May 5, 2005
Dinner was good, but I've got to let it cook longer, or something. The beef in the Boeuf Bourguignon was a little too tough. Wine was good though, a little strong though. Skipped on on exercise this morning, thinking I'll be going to beach tonight. We'll see if that actually happens. If I do go, it'll probably end up being a pretty big affair, dinner and drinks afterwards. I might make it, but I'll try and ride my bike down. Plans are up in the air for tomorrow.
10:52 AM Friday, May 6, 2005
Beach was fun yesterday. I think I might be looking forward to it all summer long. Also nice to not be in any sort of administrative capacity for it. Very nice. Thanks to Tony for taking control of the whole shebang. Finally ordered RCN HDTV. That's coming Monday. HBO and Showtime, Mach 10, digital cable. All good things. Probably gonna start losing sleep, even more so than before. And on top of that, I finally got Tiger installed on Aluminum. Rawwwrrrrr. It's awesome. I didn't think it'd be as cool as it is. Dashboard rocks. I get the nice ripple effect. RSS ScreenSaver works great. Quartz Composer looks incredible. Lots and lots of eye candy. Shibby. First thing installed? Sidetrack. Just have to test EyeTV 500 with it, and then I can install it on Oxygen. Just wouldn't want to miss out on any TV shows I'm recording.
11:14 AM Monday, May 9, 2005
Half day as I head back to wait for the RCN guy to install HDTV. Yeah. Very exciting. Very exciting. Weekend was good. Friday night headed over to the MCA for First Fridays. Tried using but the MCA wasn't listed. Saturday went down to the Magnificent Mile to do some window shopping before heading out to Hoffman Estates for a little party at Tracy's uncle's. Great food. Sunday headed out to Woodstock for Mother's Day, picked up a cake from Lutz Continental Cafe, which was awesome, covered in real whipped cream that wasn't too sweet or sugary. Had steak, took a long nap. I cleaned up a bit in preparation for this afternoon, organizing cables and stuff. Missed recording Jack & Bobby and Grey's Anatomy since I forgot that Oxygen can't really boot up off the RAID startup, unless it gets picked as a Startup Disk. I'll probably unRAID them when I upgrade to Tiger.
1:18 PM Tuesday, May 10, 2005
HDTV is awesome. Now that I have the means, I just wish there was more to watch. Or that I had a DVR. Watched The Rundown in HD last night. Good stuff. It's hard going back to just regular cable. One of the better things to watch? ESPN's SportsCenter. That's some good stuff. End of the season for Veronica Mars tonight. Probably means I should get around to watching them all soon. I wonder if they're gonna rerun them at all? Would be nice to get the last couple ones I'm missing in HD. I also upgraded my cable modem to Mach 10. Can't say I've actually noticed though. I'll have to find something big to download. Oh, I think I forgot to mention that I'm reading Snow Crash. Which is starting to remind me of Neuromancer, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Dark Angel, and who knows what else. It's good. I got linked to in the Roku Forums for my nfs mount scripts, which is cool. And I still don't know who bought Dark Angel from my link. Thanks again, but I'm still curious. So let me know who it was, please?
9:34 AM Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Watched TV last night, what else. Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill. Looked good, but not that good. The best thing on HD last night? The Cubs game on Comcast Sports. That looked amazing. Being able to see the fans in the stands behind the batter, drinking their beer, eating their hot dogs, it's amazing. Editing out commercials on Veronica Mars's Season Finale was a little difficult trying not to see anything to give it away. But I managed. I'm only missing the 2nd episode. That's all. New version of EyeTV came out yesterday too, Tiger compatible. I'll install it after tonight's Lost and Alias get recorded. Didn't want to screw that up. Going to Brasserie Jo with Tracy tonight. Should be good. Looking forward to getting a French 75.
10:59 AM Thursday, May 12, 2005
Yum, Steak Frites. Dinner was good last night. Finished the evening off with a viewing of Amélie. I'm definitely passing on beach tonight. Just no thanks. Probably end up just watching a whole lot of TV instead. Maybe get around to cleaning up the Data Center. Chicago's great though. I don't see enough of the city proper anymore. Tall buildings, bright lights, big city, all that jazz.
9:40 AM Friday, May 13, 2005
Right? Friday the 13th? Anyway, nice quiet night at home last night. Watched Paycheck on Showtime in HD. Very nice. I was really tired yesterday, not sure why. Did some grocery shopping, while hungry, which is never good. Impulse buys: Salt and Vinegar Pringles, Jell-O Pudding, both Tapioca and Chocolate and Vanilla swirl, chicken breasts. Fairly odd collection of things, I'd say. Oh, and a six pack of individual servings of orange juice. Headed out to Woodstock tomorrow, need a haircut. Otherwise, not much planned for the weekend.
9:52 AM Monday, May 16, 2005
Quiet nights all weekend long. Friday night Tracy made dinner, including Bacon wrapped Dates as an appetizer. I drank a couple beers, on an empty stomach, and had to call it an early night. Saturday ran out to Woodstock, got my replacement license plate ordered, a haircut, and some smiley face cookies from Swiss Maid Bakery. Also got a metal net for the basketball hoop in Woodstock. That sound a ball makes when it goes through a hoop with a metal net? Amazing. Came back in, since the parents had a wedding to go to, watched a bunch of movies, did some laundry. Road Trip was alright, but I like Overnight Delivery much better. Shrek 2 was good, but not good enough to own. A Cinderella Story was on HBO HD, so I had to watch it. And that was standard fare. Also started working on replacing Xenon with Argon, what I'm now calling the Cube. Not that easy. Currently stuck on trying to be my own Certificate Authority to set up secure SMTP and IMAP access. Sunday Russell came over, watched Summer Catch, Quick and the Dead. I finally picked up the glass and matte for the digital picture frame. Headed out to see Tracy tonight.
12:12 PM Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Hmm, PS3 announced. Not till next June. Oh well. Went to Hooters for the first time last night. Wings are good. Got another sweatshirt, grey this time. I like them better as spring or fall coats. I forgot to mention I looked at Carhartt stuff at Blaine's Farm & Fleet in Woodstock over the weekend, looking for a jacket. I like worker wear. I don't think high style is for me, so I'll try and go more towards blue collar stuff. Watched According to Spencer last night instead of going to bed after driving back in to the city. Reason why I shouldn't have subscribed to premium channels. Going to see Kicking & Screaming tomorrow night, which is just funny because Kicking and Screaming was on over the weekend. My Xenon to Argon conversion will probably take place on June 1. That's when I usually archive my email, so that's a good as time as any. Switching to Cyrus for IMAP will make things interesting, that's for sure.
12:51 PM Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Surprise beach session last night. Fun. I really do enjoy playing ultimate on the beach. Still haven't played on grass yet. Not sure if I will again. I think I'll just leave it up in the air. I definitely like riding my bike around, easy to get to the Lincoln Park area and stuff, but my bike does need a checkup. Catchup Dinner with Leah last night after beach at Sai Cafe. Movie with friends tonight. Nothing planned yet for the weekend. Yet being the key word.
12:19 PM Thursday, May 19, 2005
Should have dressed up as Mike Ditka for the movie last night. Would have been great to poke a little fun at all the people lined up to see Episode III. Stormtroopers, Jedi, even a Aayla Secura, some Boba Fetts. Crazy. Dinner afterwards with Tracy at Grand Lux Cafe. Finally got a slice of White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake. Making dinner tonight for Tracy, Ryan and Lisa: the Lemon Chicken meal.
10:44 AM Friday, May 20, 2005
Dinner last night was good. Actually, you know what? Felt a little grown up. Friends (a couple) come over to have dinner with my girlfriend and I. Definitely seems a little grown up. Go figure. I think I might be coming down with something. Flu maybe? Looking forward to sleeping a lot. Don't think I actually have anything on the schedule, well, there's the Northwestern Old vs. Young game on Sunday. Who knows if I'll actually go to that. It's on grass, so, I have to think about it.
12:42 PM Monday, May 23, 2005
Took a half sick day on Friday. Went home and slept. Good to sleep. More sleeping on Saturday. Felt much better. Watched a bunch of movies, Bruce Almighty, Cheaper by the Dozen, Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason, Sideways and Spanglish. My pick of the 5? Spanglish, hands down. Tracy came over and kept me company on the couch. We also ventured outside a bit for a walk, and some shopping on Sunday. Picked up some wine. I think I want to keep at least some wine in the house at all time. Not become a connoisseur or anything, but just have something on hand. Finally got some red wine glasses. Going to a Knife Skills class at The Chopping Block tomorrow. Wednesday going to a little get together to see Leo and Stacy before they leave the city. Otherwise, no other plans for the week. After Wednesday, no more new TV for a while, as Lost and Alias finishes their seasons. Means I'll have time to edit out the commercials and sit down for a spell and watch the seasons. Although, some are starting over so I'll be able to capture some of it again. So when they come out on DVD, do I throw away the HD captures? Good question.
2:15 PM Tuesday, May 24, 2005
The Xenon-Argon replacement isn't going too well. Trying to get Cyrus compiled under Tiger Client is difficult. I thought it was preinstalled, but that's just Postfix. I could just use Postfix Enabler, but I feel like that's cheating. What is also cheating is getting Tiger Server. Which is tempting. And now, another option, is installing Debian on it, and not really going all Mac OS X. Which would be disappointing, but the easiest. Choices, choices. Dinner with Tracy's parents last night at Joe's Crab Shack. Haven't had crab legs in a long time. They're alot of work. Got some Krispy Kremes on the way back in. My first time driving back in to the city, which is impressive. But oh so good. Slept with my window open last night. Also very good. It's been way to hot in the condo lately. Busy week shaping up though. Class tonight, Leo's tomorrow, probably Beach on Thursday, KK and Sally are having a shindig on Friday. Hanging with some out of town friends on Saturday. Sunday heading out to Woodstock with some friends. Busy.
4:40 PM Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Weird. was unavailable for a little bit this afternoon. Not just mine though, Prohosting was unavailable. Anyone I knew on with Prohosting was unreachable. Again, it's times like these that I think about co-location but then again, if whatever it was affected a data center, wouldn't matter if it was my machine in the data center or someone else's, it's still unavailable. Knife Skills was good last night, learned some stuff, definitely. Didn't buy anything though. Just heard about ZabaSearch. That's just scary.
10:17 AM Thursday, May 26, 2005
Not much to report. Driving down to Hyde Park was interesting, because I can't remember the last time I went down there. Roads all looked nice and done. I spent a whole lot of time down there, like 2 years, not to mention all the other time driving down for ultimate related things. And now? Hard time remembering which streets are one way which way and stuff. Crazy. Probably headed to Beach tonight. I'm getting interested in Touring Bikes. One of those things I've always been interested, but never got around to actually looking stuff up. Expensive, as are any and all things I get into.
1:13 PM Friday, May 27, 2005
Three day weekend. Sweet. Beach was fun last night, lots of people. I was a little out of it. Tired. Premium channels are starting to get the better of me. Watched Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines last night instead of sleeping. Ate whatever I could get my hands on at home. Putting vodka in a watermelon isn't easy. Might have to try something to get it to work right. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Heading over to KK and Sally's tonight for their housewarming. Friends coming out to Woodstock on Sunday. Hanging with the boys on Monday.
2:21 PM Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Weekend was good. Ran some errands before showing up to KK and Sally's. Watched a bunch of movies on Saturday. Picked up some Sake and a nice Muscat. I'm sort of jumping into the wine thing, kind of jumping, since it's mostly dessert wines, nothing like a true red or something, but trying to watch Simply Wine and The Thirsty Traveler. Sunday some people came out to Woodstock where my mom fed us all. A little chilly, but still, pretty nice. Made a quick trip out to see Tracy on the way back in, bringing some of my mom's food to her, since she couldn't make it to Woodstock. Managed to see the first episode of Grey's Anatomy, which was really good, and I realized that it went downhill after that. Which was too bad. I did catch Nid de guepes on Showtime. The movie's really good, a french version of Assault on Precinct 13. Watched more movies on Monday, finally watching The Godfather with Russell and Bryan and Whitney. Lots of TV. I did get some swimming in this morning. Guy next to me was doing a whole lot of splashing. Kind of annoying. Plans for the week? Weber Grill Restaurant on Wednesday, Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith on Thursday, finally, and mall and a movie on Friday. Oh, and Keyhole? Really fun. Amazing. Reminds me of Earth software from Snow Crash.
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