Apple App Stores handle hosting and distribution. They should get paid for that. If they just allowed sideloading, then they wouldn’t handle hosting and distribution. Then should they be paid on top of the annual developer fee? Personal computers can sideload apps. Before app stores, it was just called installing apps. If sideloading is allowed, if anyone is allowed to create an app that absolutely anyone can install, without any notarization by Apple, that’s just the recipe for the first virus/worm, right? There has to be some safeguard to prevent that. I’m sure there’s 0-days out there now, that if wrapped into a somewhat valid app that can get installed, will definitely be nefarious. I mean, iPhone users are a fairly prime target, right? Soft target? Rich target? But back to the original topic, the 1.9 billion fine by the EC for anti steering. Apple hosts app distribution. App is a subscription service front end. App is free, but charges money. Apple gets nothing for hosting. Apple should get something for hosting. Apple shouldn’t allow free app hosting. Apple wants payment through rakes. Services started out thinking it was fine paying the rake, but now don’t want to pay the rake. Would that be the easiest way out? Pay the CTF (Core Technology Fee) instead of the rake? I like the idea of Apple wanting a rake. Because the idea of sideloading is the wild west. You don’t know what you’re getting into in a backroom game, you don’t know if they’re just going to rob you after you sit down, don’t know if the house is cheating. But if you sit down at Apple’s table, it’s Apple’s table. You know they’re reputable. The players can trust the table. Everyone can trust the game is square.
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