9:52 PM Wednesday, <March 6>, <2024
Forgot to mention I started rucking for my 20 minute treadmill walks. Gets me sweating, so that’s good. Next step is probably to actually get outside and running for a little bit. Something is better than nothing. Tried out the Redbreast PX Edition and Redbreast Lustau Edition. Both good, but might need to do a side by side comparison instead of one after the other. Kind of hard to tell them apart. Oh, picked up a bunch of different fast foods for the kids today for before soccer practice. First time going to SONIC. Ice was probably the best thing I got there. Actually worth going back for. Definitely have to try some of the other different drinks and stuff. Used guest mode on the Apple Vision Pro for the first time for Serafina today. Fairly easy to use. Wonder why there isn’t a demo mode, like a first run app to practice the interface.