11:28 PM Monday, <March 6>, <2023>
I’m back to Pokemon GO again. Might have put it on a couple of weeks ago, and this time it stuck. Worked out well because I had a couple Rocket Special Researches stacked, so was able to knock out 2 of those at one time. Also just realized I can use Daily Incenses when I walk to/from Movement Wrigleyville. I ended up skipping exercise today, partly because it was raining, and partly because I was waiting for a Sapient Home service call. Turns out they’re coming tomorrow instead. Definitely stacked the issues for them to deal with, and hoping they can knock them all out in one go. Going to try to stop working/reading in bed before sleeping. I’ll move the charging cables for my iPads out tomorrow. Still undecided on moving the ChromeOS Flex iMac back to the kitchen desk or not.