i want apple shrugged. what does that world look like? no app store, no payment processing, iphone/ipad just dies. everyone has to move to android. or tizen or some open os. i imagine the wild west, like early 2000s for computing? anything available? all sorts of tracking? or some (apple users) return to dumb phones? or do they just get rid of mobile devices altogether? could I return to a world without the internet in my hand? would I be ok using an android device? would I simple use it as a web browser and stop using apps? would I eventually give in and use apps on Android as that would be the only available platform? what would open source OS and apps look like? would any business go out of business? Would they all pivot to android? or if apple gave in to what every critic complained about? what would happen then? I really wish they would. Give the people what they want and reap what they sow.
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