realized I missed the 20th anniversary of musings, which would have been on Jan 13, 2018 at 11pm (the time was probably approximate). 20 years I've been writing on the internet. 20 years. will hopefully mark the 20th anniversary of daily dose, but missing 20 years i've been publishing on the internet, is, well, crazy. started so long ago with static pages on my isp user account, then local perl scripts possibly ftping the static files to my isp user account, then figuring out perl and cgi. then eventually paid for hosting, prohosting out of utah, and eventually switched over to php, then to a server out of the condo, then back to a host, then i think that's the history. but words, words, thoughts, feelings, i should do some analysis, maybe a word cloud, markov chain, or just reminiscing, of thoughts, feelings, dreams, hopes, wishes and desires, complaints, what ifs, questions, musings, reflections, how much has changed, how much has stayed the same? from college, from a single in the plex, to a house in the southport corridor, from single to married with 2 kids, from student to 15 year employee, guessing 40-50 pounds more of me, don't think there's any more height, less hair, more gray, more skills? less skills, a few relationships, a marriage, a condo, a house, a couple mortgages, an actual car, computers, smart phones, iPhones, iPads, laptops, rebirth of apple, mini disc, iPods, college ultimate, open club ultimate, mixed club ultimate, beach ultimate started, weekends in italy playing on sand, coed nationals, kaze flash in the pan, tea & strumpets pure joy, a job, retired, left behind, years of summer league, stadium seating in living rooms, having HD Super Bowl parties, playing caps on Saturdays, SBR!, hammerdown, streaking at poultry days, landsharking, waterparks as young adults, coming to bicycling in Chicago way too late, but embracing it, almost too much, trying to be in movies, Tracy actually being in one, finally getting a guitar, trips, vacations, vegas, almost forgot about vegas, too much vegas at a certain point, so much living, and maybe not enough musing, not enough thinking.
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