9:59 AM Tuesday, <November 30>, <2004>
Went swimming this morning before work. Kind of nice. I feel pretty awake. Except for the chlorine smell. Not sure how it stuck around after the shower. I'm definitely finding my groove, although my breaststroke needs some serious help. Got plenty of sleep last night, so that's another reason I was able to get up and go this morning. Put some new pictures from Thanksgiving up in the gallery. I'll try and be a bit better at posting stuff. If you haven't noticed, Danger Party this weekend at Sarah, Lorra and Akira's. Also this weekend, Evanston Public Library is having a book sale. I'm looking for Ludlum books personally. Yesterday saw the release of ApeironX, a shareware version of centipede, the arcade game. It's awesome, and the old classic version was loads of fun back in college.