10:37 AM Monday, <November 29>, <2004>
Went to the Shedd Aquarium Saturday with my parents and aunt in town for the day. Haven't been there in forever. Made me really want to eat sushi though. Got some Chinese food at my family's standard, Szechwan Restaurant off Michigan. Finished up watching Veronica Mars episodes, so I'm all caught up there. Structure is beginning to remind me of X-Files, with monster of the week vs. mythology episodes. But good stuff. Got some jammers for swimming, board shorts don't actually work that well. Made it over to Bryan, Tony, and Carlo's for a quality turkey dinner. Quite good. Good food and good company. People I hadn't seen in months. Tried to fax for the first time under Mac OS X last night, I'll have to ask my mom if it went through all right. Not getting enough sleep, so I've got to work on that. December's right around the corner though. And then the year's gonna be over.