9:46 AM Thursday, <November 18>, <2004>
Finally got my Roku HD1000 working perfectly, well almost perfectly. I wish they'd release a new firmware that updates NFS to see files bigger than 2 GB. But in the meantime, I just have to cut Lost episodes up into about 3 segments to get it to work well. But HD almost on demand. It's pretty cool. I had to run cat5 to the powermac, as 802.11g wasn't fast enough. So I've got 4 episodes on disk, waiting to be cut up and watched. It's not on next week, stupid Bachelor something, so maybe it's time to get caught up. New version of Delicious Library is out. So my next step is to start seriously putting my stuff into that. And I've got to clean up again, as setting up things always messes stuff up. No laundry, I'll push it off to the weekend. National Treasure opens up this weekend. Might actually be time for me to start exercising again.