1:23 PM Monday, <November 17>, <2003>
Weekend was way too busy for what it should have been. Woodstock was good, as was the crazy Filipino choir feeding that my mom caters on Fridays. My parents new Direcway 2-way Satellite Broadband Internet is pretty sweet, but still slower than a nice cable or DSL, but way faster than dial-up. Upgraded the old Cube to 10.3. Tried putting linux on Bjorn's old server, but SCSI boggles my mind, so I've got it in house to work on at my leisure. Sunday got to play some ultimate against the UofC boys. Tiring. Slow. And now, sore. Go figure, 2 weeks post Nationals. Got to eat some ice cream, found some green tea ice cream at Jewel that I've yet to try out. Bryan made Italian soup and homemade pizza for some friends, watched a bit of Football. Managed to sneak in a visit with Leah and her 1/2 college roommate reunion. Also got to watch 12 Monkeys. I'd forgotten how good that movie is, and how intelligently they deal with time travelers. Hopefully, life quiets down a bit. Hopefully.