2:26 PM Friday, <November 12>, <2004>
A couple things might be dying on me. Last night as I was trying to burn last week's episode of Lost to DVD from the HD transport stream I had, my desktop seemed to crap out, like the video card died or something. But after shutting down and leaving it for a bit, it started up just fine. Which is too bad, cause it's like 4 years old, which is way too old in my book. But it's still kicking, so no need yet to go into debt. And then this morning, driving to work, ole Puck stalls on me. Now, I know I need an oil change, it's roughly 2 months overdue, but still only 1500 miles since the last one, and it crapped out. So I'm sitting there, corner of Sheridan and Sheridan by Loyola, at a light, at roughly 8:30 in the morning, you know, rush hour. So the honking starts, the blinkers come on, and in a couple minutes, Puck starts up again. It's going in for a checkup on Monday. So, where does that put me? Nowhere different. Definitely start saving the pennies for a new G5 most likely, probably when they go PCI-Express. Might even happen at MacWorld in San Fran. As for Puck, I start to question how much I need a car in the city anyway. But iDVD and EyeTV is pretty cool. I was able to burn a nice DVD with the episode of Lost with no problems, except that it's 4x3 letterboxed and not 16x9 widescreen with DD 5.1. But I'm learning. I think I can use ffmpegx to transcode the MPEG Transport Streams to 16x9 NTSC 720x480 MPEG2 Program streams for use on DVD. I think.