11:19 AM Thursday, <November 4>, <2004>
I realized something about Delicious Library and my idea to replace DVD Profiler with it: Delicious Library doesn't have one of the main reasons I love DVD Profiler so much, the ability to choose an cast or crew member and see what other movies I own that they've been in. And after installing it at work since my VPC install is hosed in which I was previously running DVD Profiler at home, it's great. It's much faster, responsive, and a joy to use. Decisions. It's wet, and continues to be wet here in Chicago. Nice and cold and grey. Haven't made any movement on more cleaning and organizing at home, I guess that's what happens when the first thing to get connected is the home theater. I've now got Lost 1.6 on my hard drive in 720p High-Def glory. It's only 6.5 GB. And they're showing a rerun on Saturday of I think last week's. This only means good things for the upcoming Alias season 4.