2:49 PM Wednesday, <November 5>, <2003>
I had to get some random things from Tom Thumb, a craft store here in Evanston today. I had forgotten how cool craft and hobby stores are. They've got these little plastic things, like struts, like you can build your own building out of little plastic beams and such. And of course all the regular cool stuff like fake trees and shrubbery for model trains, and then all the paint, and pipe cleaners, and paper, face paint and latex makeup, it looks like so much fun. But I got my fruit preserving stuff (for the 13th chumpionship trophy) and had to leave. Finished up book IX of the WildCards, have a couple left to go, and then maybe Ludlum's new stuff, or his old stuff too. Maybe some throwback to some Dale Brown goodness, Day of the Cheetah, or Flight of the Old Dog, I'm not so sure. I don't know when I'll get around to seeing Matrix: Revolutions. I think I'm going to LA for Christmas though.