10:11 PM Friday, <January 19>, <2024
So I checked out the preorder of the Apple Vision Pro when it started this morning. Couldn’t pull the trigger though. Couple hours later, figured I had missed the initial batch, no pickup window available, delivery for mid March. Checked tonight? Pickup window the day after. So I did it. And I’ll have to do some creative budgeting, and hope I can find a use case for it. First off, hoping there’s a Plex and a Jump Desktop app soon. If I had those 2, I could see spending a lot of time in it. But we’ll see if it’s actually useful. I pared down my Mastodon follows. If I was off it for a couple hours, my unread jumped to like 100. Also got my preorder of Nanoleaf Skylights, so had to go searching for lamp replacement cord to hard wire them. Also I realized I could have probably just replaced the can lights with an LED Panel light, like the one I used as a fake window. Whoops. Also, need to find a use for the Nanoleaf Canvas lights now.