8:41 AM Thursday, <January 19>, 2023
Not sure how long ago it failed, but had a drive go bad on my Drobo 5D. Good that it was only 1 and I didn’t lose the whole volume, but nice that it was just a drop in replacement with one of my spares. At the same time, I was almost hoping I’d lost it, because I’m over the Drobos. I’m fine with the plain external hard drives I’ve got, with BackBlaze backups, but have too much to do any onsite backup. Not sure if the next step is to try and consolidate, which means I’d need around 104 TB to mirror my current setup, but I’m going to need headroom. I’ve got 5 TB runway, so not pressing. Planned on doing my fake bike commute to work today, but had to have a couple meetings instead. So I’ll take a break after the next couple of meetings for some exercise.