10:16 PM Sunday, <November 12>, 2023
Got to dog sit today for a bit. The Wang’s Sasha, who we traded Lucy for this afternoon. Since Tracy had to come back and work, Lucy had to catch a ride with the Wangs on the way back in (didn’t get home until 9pm), so Tracy took Sasha home. Kinda fun having a dog around. Annoying though to have to clean or watch to make sure she doesn’t eat any random stuff on the ground. And she’s surprisingly strong on dog walks. Ate a lot of leftovers out of the fridge. Had the holiday dinner with my parents last Friday night at Buona Terra Italian Ristorante. So those were some leftovers that were eaten, along with some Eataly, and some fried chicken from Chop Suey Hut that my parents also dropped off the other day. Managed to hang some additional shelves in the linen closet yesterday, but didn’t get the oven cleaned like I was supposed to this weekend. Gotta try and fit it in before going to St. Louis next weekend for a soccer tournament. Weather actually looks pretty good for it, which I’m pleasantly surprised at. Hip’s feeling better, so think I’m going to start running again tomorrow. Thinking just longer slow runs on MWF, and 4x4’s on T-Th. Or switch those depending on how I feel. We’ll see.