10:03 PM Saturday, <November 11>, 2023
Finished up the Fast & Furious series so far. Even included Hobbs & Shaw. Actually looking forward to that sequel, if they ever make it. But seriously, watching that series back to back to back it’s pretty crazy how crazy their activities get over time. And how their hair styles change over time. And that the series has been going for 20+ years. I’d totally watch a prequel series, like Dom and the gang starting out. Also the supposed all female spinoff? I’d watch that too. You know what else would be good? A spinoff with just the Shaws. Or even a prequel of the Shaws. I wonder what the red string murder board would be on how all the characters are related and who’s actually behind it all (how funny would it be if it ended up being Papa Toretto after all these years) and how many people have been double crossed and who is actually evil and how evil they are and how many deaths aren’t actually deaths. It is sad that Paul Walker died, and they didn’t want to kill off the character, so not having Brian around for everything since 7 has been sad. Kind of wish the technology would be good enough to bring back the character digitally and the family would allow it to give the character a great write off with everyone else at the end of the series. Also can’t wait for the eventual reboot with all their kids.