9:46 PM Saturday, <November 4>, 2023
Running related stuff today. Drove Lucy out to Cross Country City Championships in Humboldt Park. First time in that park. Seems nice. Pretty cool, but calm and sunny. Ended up creating the LTACXC base with our blanket (we didn’t have a tent or a flag or anything. Lucy came in 13th, so no medal, but team came in 2nd, so they did get shirts and medals. Boys came in 1st, so that’s cool. And that was the morning. Then after Tracy got off work we took a Lyft to Navy Pier (or at least as close as traffic got to be too much and we audibled at Grand and walked the rest of the way) for the Hot Chocolate Run Expo. Picked up our coats and bibs. Not much in the way of free stuff. Got some treats at Te’Amo even though they ran out of boba for the kids’ drinks. Carbo loaded at Eataly to end the night. Early morning start for the 5K I’ve trained 9 weeks for (to complete, not get a PR at). I imaging it’s going to be pretty crazy tomorrow, and they even have us in all different corrals tomorrow, which is pretty annoying. I wonder if we can all just start together, or they’re going to rigorously enforce the corrals. Find out soon enough.