9:32 PM Tuesday, <June 20>, 2023
My turn to drive out to Schaumburg. After dropping them off I went to Woodfield Mall. And Stayed there for 5 hours. I got Starbucks for breakfast (surprised they were open at 8:20am), got a seat, did some work until 11 or so. Got up, did a loop checking out what was new. Of course I stopped in the LEGO Store, fairly large section of LEGO ICONS and Creator (AFOL, i.e. Adult Friend of LEGO) sets, which were all really expensive. And huge. The new Ninjago City Gardens looks amazing. Wandered into Apple Woodfield, and ended up getting a Starlight Solo Band (my current charcoal one has a small tear in it, and I figured I should get a replacement sooner rather than later. Surprised at all the stores that were open. Not as bad as I expected. And I think a large number of stores that were Japanese ish? I think they had kanji after the titles. I then got a Cinnabon, because I can’t remember the last time I got one, and then headed to the food court (which I discovered on my walkabout) for another hour or so of work. Headed back and watched a little of their scrimmages (a little surprised I was able to find them). Traffic wasn’t overly bad both ways. Almost made it all the way home before they asked for Wendy’s. Went to the one by Lane Tech, and then I suggested bowling at Waveland Bowl, since it was right there, and we had time to kill before they each had to go home. Turns out they only lasted for 2 1/2 games each. Then back home to our place, when Eli and Finn showed up for a quick Nerf battle. After they went home, the 3 Barca teammates went to Blaine to play some more soccer. To be 9 and have boundless energy.