10:23 PM Saturday, <May 27>, 2023
Tracy managed to get out and pick up some pastries at Whistle Stop, while the rest of us slept in. Felt good to sleep. Tracy then went out with the Brizzle’s to Skip’s European Farmer’s Market, and I eventually got the kids out of the room and down to the beach. Just wanted to check it out, then Tracy came down after they came back and then I went up and got the rest of our stuff and brought it down and Brizzle’s joined us. I made a couple trips and brought down firewood (with the Freighter backpack so it was super easy) and pretty much had a fire going all afternoon. Went in the water once and tried doing a beach run with Lucy, since she’s got a triathlon coming up, but crazy just watching her take off down the beach while I’m just barely able to job. Ended up cooking hot dogs and sausages on sticks over the campfire. Sonya drove us out to OInk’s Dutch Treat for ice cream. I went with Sicilian orange sorbet and raspberry sorbet. Stopped off at Barney’s and got more buns and chips. Then sat down and played Escape from Iron Gate Pretty fun and Julia ended up winning. Probably got more sun today than I should have. And pretty sore, I was not prepared for those steps to the beach, even though they put in new ones at the top by the road.