10:00 PM Friday, <May 26>, 2023
Back at Lakeside Inn for the weekend. Been a while, but feels like coming home. Same room we had the last time we were here, 2 years ago? Had a recharge day from work, but still did a little work. Finally finished Avatar: The Way of Water. Hard to believe they’ve got 3 more movies lined up, all the way through 2028. Got a new tire for the Crosstrek. Impressed that was taken care of in like 3.5 hours at Ashland Tire & Auto. Loved that I could just leave it and walk home the 2 blocks and come back and pick it up when it was done. Used a new bike rack, the Yakima FullBack 3-Bike Trunk Rack. Need to get the Yakima TopTube adapter for Lucy’s bike, but works ok without it. However, probably need to get a hitch and a hitch bike rack if we’re going to try and take 4 bikes. Worked out this weekend because the Brizzolara’s could take Jackson’s. Didn’t do a good job packing, forgot random stuff, like spoons, an extra bike lock, board games like dominos or Mahjong, or a cooler backpack. Just poor planning.