11:52 PM Monday, <May 22>, 2023
Still not on a regular sleeping schedule. Napping too much and not getting to bed early enough. Not good. Means I’m still kind of out of it, not necessarily firing on all cylinders. Hopefully I can catch up soon, or get back on schedule. I did have to go out to get some lab work done after I dropped Lucy off at school. Forgot I had to give a urine sample, so bought a bottle of water and chugged that. Worked though. Stopped by Dom’s Kitchen + Market on the way home and got breakfast/lunch and finally got another Napoleon. Yum. And a cappuccino, which was pretty good. Realized they have Doughnut Vault stuff there as well, so that’s good to know. The blueberry danish was fabulous too. Reminded me of the ones I used to get up at the Mozart Cafe in Evanston.