10:11 PM Sunday, <May 21>, 2023
Super sleepy. Hopefully I sleep well tonight. Snuck in a couple naps, however short today. Picked Jackson up and took him to his soccer game up in Skokie (they got killed, playing with few subs vs. a very full team, they wore their whites, and it was hot out). Quick stop at home before dropping him off at Whirlyball for a Lasertag birthday party. Ate when I got home, took a short nap before picking him up. Got another nap in while he went and played with Jackson Grady. Actually had to do a little work to make sure my little area worked after the servers moved data centers. Tried watching Avatar: The Way of Water, but don’t think I’m conscious enough for it. Tried out Taco Moro II (new place over by Domino’s for dinner. It’s ok, needs more seasoning though. Hard to believe school’s ending soon, feels like that snuck up on me pretty quick.