10:54 PM Monday, <May 8>, <2023
Walked over to Movement Wrigleyville and did some bouldering today. Trying to get back on my exercise schedule. Took it easy at the gym, and want to slowly ramp up to where I was again. Stopped by Jewel and got some stuff (the usual salmon and cut melon, ice cream and popsicles, and pineapple juice). Did my 20 minute core Apple FItness+ workout and the Gravity Push-Up Workout. I did get some wasabi to put in the premade mashed potatoes to go with my salmon for lunch. Pretty good. Tried out a Perfect Martini for happy hour. Not bad. Finished up Orphan Black. Looked for the comic books, couldn’t find them, but found the Podcast and now I’ve got something to listen to for a while anyway.