9:41 PM Sunday, <May 7>, <2023
Biked Jackson up to Foster for a double header today. They won the first game and tied the second. Jackson didn’t play all that well, at least not as well as he did at the tourney last weekend. But every now and then getting some real glimpses of quality football with the team. Nice to see. They didn’t get any ice cream between games, so we had to make sure to find one on the way home, which we did. Pretty warm out and didn’t cool off until after we got home. Finally hydrated some water gel beads/balls and tried out Jackon’s Gel Blaster. It’s pretty cool. No idea how it would feel to get hit with one (or multiple), nor do I know where we could play with it besides our backyard. Not something you can really use indoors, nor would I feel comfortable running around the alley or neighborhood with them. Suburbs maybe? Or find an actual place (like paintball or AirSoft)? Down to 2 episodes left of Orphan Black. Really tempted to just plow through the last two, but should probably get ready for bed instead.