9:51 PM Thursday, <May 4>, <2023
Thought about going for a bike ride, or even doing an Apple TV+ core workout, but felt sore and decided to skip. I really need to get back on a workout schedule. Instead, I ate lunch, including Talenti Gelato Layers Peanut Butter Vanilla Fudge for dessert, and watched Orphan Black. And you know how I thought work was going smoother? Well, completely forgot about another issue that I was supposed to be looking into. But I think I got it figured out in time. Hopefully. Was Lucy’s chauffeur today, driving her to school, then picking up her and Julie and Phoebe. Drove her to practice since Tracy planted one of the parkway beds today, and then picked her up since Tracy was sore and tired. So yeah, lots of driving. Also I get to take her to her swim meet tomorrow, since she actually gets to go and participate in the Friday events, but it’s early enough she’s got to go right from school, and Tracy doesn’t get off early enough, although she tried to switch schedules to do so. Had a nice little Mastodon interaction about the Star Wars CCG, when I took out and looked through, then looked up, and found out it’s still thriving, which is crazy. I think I liked the Star Trek CCG better anyway. I need to find my Netrunner CCG and Illuminati: New World Order CCG cards. I think I liked those the best.